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SAT-based eLearning authoring platform for High-Consequence Training


Focus Learning and CourseAvenue have teamed to develop a powerful integrated objective management & training authoring platform for high-consequence training.  VISION Studio provides a seamless, easy-to-use, solution for eLearning integration with large-scale SAT environments.

  Develop Faster . . . Smarter . . . Better
  • Manage all training objective hierarchies
  • Develop professional quality SAT-based eLearning directly tied to objectives
  • Create development teams and collaborate online with SMEs and other contributors
  • Use customizable SAT-based templates built around Objective Classifications
  • Store and manage media and digital assets for enterprise-wide re-purposing
  • Allow non-programmers to author, edit, maintain or approve eLearning content
  • Quickly convert lecture-based PowerPoint slides into impactful WBT
  • Publish your eLearning for SCORM, AICC, VISION Learning Station, Simple Web, and/or CD/DVD delivery

VISION Studio is a proven, enterprise-wide solution, for organizations in high-consequence industries wanting to transition to a blended learning environment.  

A True End-to-End Solution

The VISION System with VISION Studio provides for the development, delivery, management, tracking  and reporting of all training components. It's the only end-to-end system designed and built specifically for high-consequence training environments.

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